The Unawakened

There is so much peace between the ones whom never wake,

The smell of the rotting flowers next to a cold and dusty wall.

Yet they get to embrace the stillness of the night, rest the stone upon a beautiful galaxy of stars. With no worries or distressed, the only unpleasantness is the beating hearts whom rest their weary hearts and hollow tears upon the cold stone under their feet.

What comfort would you have for a lonesome traveller, one who seeks what they cannot have and wishes for things not to be had.....?

I too stare up at the stars and wonder why I cannot find piece. As the wind chimes songs of velvet between these empty walls..... I find some comfort and wish it could be my last. I wish for a peace I will never find and a love which will grasp at every ounce of my darkness and eat it whole like a cancer bleeding me dry.

As I look up and see the stars I wish to be part of your loneliness at heart. For I too long for tears of remorse and longing, for my heart wants rest underneath your blanket of beauty....

But I am still awake and until such time I will wonder within your unawakened silence.

By Lisa Kuhn


Elise Beeby is a well known Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist who has a practice in Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is her passion and commitment to people which contributed to the success she is recognized for today. She has been a regular spokesperson on radio RSG on Wednesday evenings on the program called “Verhoudings sonder grense” and she has written various articles. She has appeared on various TV shows and radio programmes and is actively involved in her professional societies. She also practices on an ad hoc basis in Johannesburg and Rondebosch and is the in house Clinical Psychologist at Palmtree Clinic in Cape Town.


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